Rachael Jamieson Portraits


Ideally, I like to meet the person and visit them in their own environment where they can relax and be themselves. I take lots of photos and will spend time selecting the ones that best show a persons character, sometimes blending several photos together.

However, if the portrait is to be of someone who is no longer with us or it is to be a surprise for the subject then I can work from photos that you already have providing they are sufficiently clear.

I am happy to discuss the shape and size of canvas, the background and general style of portrait with you and will endeavour to meet your needs and expectations.  If you are not happy with the result you are not obliged to purchase the portrait.

The price of a portrait may vary according to the size of the canvas and the amount of detail required in both the figure and the background.  In general, prices range from £200 to £600

A small portrait (12x10) on a white background would be approximately £200

A larger seated portrait (30”x 20”) might be £500

I am often asked how long it takes to paint a portrait and I wish there was a definitive answer!  If you would like it for a specific time or event, I will do my best to complete it by then but generally I would ask for at least 6 weeks notice

‘Thank you so much for the portrait of Patrick – it is so staggeringly like him and so sensitively painted – everyone who sees it screeches in amazement!’ B. H-S

‘You really have captured the “essence’ of your subject…” T. D.

‘I found my beautiful portrait in the postbox – I love it and thank you so much…….Oooh, I’m so pleased that I really can’t tell you…’M. C.

‘Thank you for bringing the best out in my Dad – I so appreciate his portrait presence in its warmth and kindliness.” H.B.